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Washington Nonprofit and State Organizations

Washington Nonprofit and State Organizations for ADHD concerns

Support and Information      Find a provider          Parenting Classes    

 Educational Issues     Low income Help


Support and Information 

ADHD and Mental Health Nonprofits

 Parent Support groups Puget Sound area – CHADD – Children and Adults with ADHD

ADHD information and Support   ADD freeSources

NAMI  is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health. They work to raise awareness and provide essential and free referral, support, education, and outreach surrounding mental illness.

NAMI Washington has 23 NAMI affiliates  

NAMI – Greater Seattle 

The link above works.  Or copy and paste http://namiseattle.org/

 Find a Provider

Learning Disabilities Association of Washington (LDAWA) provides a referral service to connect individuals – parents, children, teens, adults, and professionals – with resources throughout Puget Sound. Learning Disabilities Association of Washington is a state affiliate of the Learning Disabilities Association of America.  New Online Directory

Call 211 to locate appropriate treatment and agencies. There’s also a website if you want to search for yourself. ADHD, Learning Disabilities or Parenting classes yield good results.

(Link works) Washington Information Network – 211

Washington State ADHD Treatment Providers – Note: ADD freeSources does not endorse or recommend any provider or services listed. Nor should not being on the list affect your choice of provider. Most of these were chosen because they were associated with ADD Resources or local CHADD groups at some time.

Ark Institute of Learning (Facebook page) – in Tacoma assists students with a variety of learning challenges including; dyslexia, language disorder,  nonverbal learning disorder/visual-spatial processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, specific learning disorder or disability, and attention issues. Provides assessments, training, and support – – Nonprofit, but services are billed at a regular rate.

Parenting Classes

CHADD’s  Parent to Parent Training – 14 hour Webinar Course

Puget Sound Parenting Calendar  → http://www.psasadler.org/calendar.pdf from the Puget Sound Adlerian Society (Give it a minute to load) Copy and paste URL


Catholic Community Services of Western Washington

Services and locations

Low-cost Parenting classes and counseling available at some locations


Education Issues Washington State

Washington P.A.V.E. Parent resource detailing the rights of children with disabilities to a free and appropriate education. 1-800-572-7368.

Pave Programs

  • Conducts workshops for parents and others on laws governing special education, testing and assessment, IEP’s, communication, 504 plans and other topics as needed.
  • Staff assists parents individually to increase skills in working with their children’s teachers, therapists, and other team members to obtain appropriate educational services.
  • Provides information about resources and specialists in your community.
  • Has information about resources and laws in Washington and other states.


  • Office of the Education Ombudsman is an agency within the Governor’s Office created to help elementary and secondary public school students and families in Washington understand how the public school system works, how to find education-related resources and how to resolve conflict with schools. This organization is independent and neutral and not a part of the state public education system.

Staff  Seattle office-Toll-free: 1-866-297-2597
Phone interpreter services available
Fax: 206-729-3251


Low-Income Help

Diagnosis and Treatment for Children

Catholic Community Services in Whatcom and Skagit Counties offers specialized ADHD assessment, counseling, and care coordination for children of families with low income. Treatment includes collaboration regarding medication evaluation and management with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and community clinicians. The clinic also provides parent education, behavior management classes, school consultation, and parent/teacher education.

Child Development Clinic – the University of Washington has been operating since 1965 and serves approximately 200 children each year. Each child visits the clinic one to three times during the year and is served by multiple clinicians at each visit. About 80% of clients seen at this clinic are less than nine years of age. Over 50% of children served are insured by Medicaid.

Clients are diagnosed with an array of developmental disabilities including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, motor disabilities, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, communication disorders, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Catholic Community Services of Western Washington

Services and locations

Low cost Parenting classes and counseling available at some locations


Hope Sparks – Tin Can Alley in downtown Tacoma

Offers core behavioral health programs – Counseling, parent education and family support


Please help complete these resources. These are what I had saved in my files from 3 years ago with updated links.  Leave a comment if you know of other organizations and services that pertain to ADHD.


Medical Directories – ADHD option

Medical File And Stethoscope-renjith krishnan-FDP

This collection of Directories is part of the series: Find Treatment and Support. You may want to start there.

Live and Work Well – An extensive listing of ADHD physicians and therapists Lists service providers in the United Behavioral Health system, but they could provide care to others not in this system. Sorts for Medicaid or Medicare providers, Area of Expertise (Attention Deficit Disorder) and clinician type- Psychiatrists (MD), Master’s-Level Clinicians (e.g., MFT, LCSW), Psychologists (LP, PhD) and Nurse Practitioners (e.g., NP, MHNP)

Psychology Today – Find a Therapist, Psychologist, counselor or social worker – Under I’m looking for help with… Try ADHD, but I had better luck with Learning Disabilities, Life Coaching and don’t forget Child and Adolescent Issues.

Social Worker Finder– Can choose ADHD as specialty- also has an insurance option. If you live a major metropolitan area, you could try their advanced search for even more specific needs.

Find a Therapist -Network Therapy – Counselors, psychologists, therapists…Can choose ADHD as a specialty- also has an insurance option.

The following assume expertise with ADHD based on their professions.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Finder from
the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) (Link works)

American Psychological Association (APA)- Psychologist Locator-
Sorts for ADHD, but not many names come up. Assume experience with ADHD, but ask anyway.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Finder

(Link works)

Quick Links:

Find Treatment and Support
Find Support
ADHD Directories

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Who can diagnose

This article is part of the series: Find Treatment and Support. You may want to start there.

You’ll find that many of the providers that diagnose and treat ADHD come from a variety of specialties; such as child and adolescent psychiatry, pediatrics and family medicine, as well as from adult psychiatry. Adults seeking experienced providers may need to seek help from sources they wouldn’t usually consider.

It is so important that the evaluating clinician is knowledgeable about ADHD. He or she must be experienced in recognizing ADHD, but also in recognizing other co-occurring conditions that may be present, as well as being able to tease out other conditions that may be confused for ADHD. Effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Misdiagnosis leads to ineffective treatment, more problems, and lots of frustration. So really do your research to find an experienced specialist.

• Psychiatrist: An MD who treats the brain and may prescribe medication
• Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: May diagnose and treat, as well as prescribe medication.
• Registered Nurse Practitioner: May also diagnose and prescribe medication.
• Psychologist: A brain specialist who is not an MD and can’t prescribe meds
• Family doctor: Knows your family but may not have extensive knowledge of ADHD. Some will work with non-prescribing specialists to medicate
• Pediatrician: Some even specialize in treating ADHD. Can prescribe.
• Neurologist: A doctor who specializes in treatment of the brain and central nervous system – May prescribe
• Behavioral Neurologist: Another MD that specializes in brain and CNS disorders – May prescribe.
• Therapist: Masters degree in therapy – May diagnose and provide therapy, but cannot prescribe.
• Master level counselor – Has a master’s degree in counseling or psychology, but no prescription authority.
• Social worker: May provide diagnosis, counseling, and behavior assistance. Cannot prescribe.

Note: The above list is congruent with recommendations of the National ADHD Research Center.

ADDitudeMag.com lists fewer qualified professionals, compares their relative training, the services they offer, and their relative fees. Link works – Who can Diagnose ADD? – What difference does it make?


Note: One professional’s criticism of this article promotes the view that a psychologist or psychiatrist is the best choice for the diagnostic process. Preferably one with access to a diagnostic tool or two. See below. (1) Note: Many well-known practitioners use checklists and thorough interviews with the patient, as well as rating scales from close family members and, in the case of children, teachers reports, to aid in the diagnostic process. There is limited research showing that Tova, Spect scans, and EEG-Based assessments are as accurate. See our Pinterest page on the Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD for more information.


(1) Opposing Opinion from an Email sent to ADD Resources, a non-profit where this article was first posted.

Your posting on “Who Can Diagnose?” is, in my opinion, both inaccurate and unethical. It is clearly understood in most of the professional community that psychological testing is required for a diagnosis of ADHD. In addition, for accommodation purposes colleges, grad schools, SAT/ACT etc only accept diagnoses from MDs and PhDs. There is a reason for this. An ADHD diagnosis is worthless without a complete diagnosis that considers all aspects of a person’s psychological situation/makeup; that is, co-occurring conditions. Moreover, ADHD is known to be over-diagnosed in boys. That is largely because under-qualified professionals are making decisions not based on reliable and validated psychometric testing (like TOVA), but on other grounds. I have spent a career picking up the pieces from misdiagnoses. I’m very disappointed to see an organization like yours promoting this kind of misinformation. If you think this is nonsense, try checking with the AMA, American Psychiatric Association or APA.
Ross Mayberry, Ph.D. – http://www.rossmayberryphd.com/

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Medical Directories

Choose your providers carefully

Choose your providers carefully

Find a Provider/ No search for ADHD

This collection of Directories is part of the series: Find Treatment and Support. You may want to start there.

Find a Psychiatrist – Web MD – Copy and paste –  http://doctor.webmd.com/find-a-doctor/psychiatry – A list of physicians in the United States. – Does not sort for ADHD, but you may choose a specialist who is likely to have the requisite knowledge to diagnose and treat ADD. For example: Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Development Behavioral Pediatrician, or Neurologist. To see if they accept your Insurance, click on Specialized Options (near the Find a provider button)

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Finder – Link works! Link works

From CHADD, the National ADHD Resources Center – Can you find me a doctor or mental health professional?- Links to every national organization of Professionals who treat ADHD, but there are glitches. Some contain no provider finder, a few have ADHD as a specialty, while with others, Developmental and Behavioral is the closest specialty option. Most of the Directories are reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities – Find listings for educational consultants, advocates, psychologists, diagnosticians, health care specialists, academic tutors, speech language therapists, and attorneys. You’ll also find government programs, grassroots organizations, disability organizations, legal and advocacy resources, special education schools, and parent support groups. Good resource for finding help for kids with ADHD, but there’s no sort for ADHD specific providers- you need to know what type of help you need.

Psychology Today: Find a Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor

Marriage and Family Therapists – American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Extensive listings- most with plenty of information about their specialties

Quick Links:
Find Treatment and Support
Professional Medical directories with ADHD search option
Find more treatment services

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