ADHD in Audio and Video

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Audio and Video

Getting an education and finding support come first in dealing with ADHD in the family. Medication and other physical or strategic interventions come next. You’ll need to find out more about these and other treatments to effectively manage ADHD. If you can attend them, support groups and annual conferences on ADHD are a great way to fill your needs. But these both take time and may cost more than you are comfortable with.

Today, free written material abounds on the Web, but for those who prefer not to read, not much else has been readily available. Less than five years ago, access to quality audio information was through a few Podcasts and recorded tapes from ADHD conferences. Now, some organizations put on weekly programs. Participating in Webinars is a great way to realize that you really aren’t alone with this disorder and that help is available. Being able to replay the sessions to listen to at your convenience is a great way to fit getting to know more about dealing with ADHD into your life.

For some people, neither audio or printed information will do. Luckily, the internet now has a great choice of videos on ADHD about a large number of specific topics and for different audiences. For them, we’ve put a great collection of video from very short to long to watch whenever the time is right. Some are for entertainment, many are just tips, others are serious examinations of the field, but they all contribute to a greater understanding of ADHD.

There are a few fun short videos at the bottom of this page. Many more video clips and presentations ranging from 45 seconds to an hour in length are available on site. – Topics include: What is ADHD? – ADHD Strategies for Children and Teens – ADHD Songs – ADHD in Adults – Adult Strategies – Presentations with ADHD experts and more. ADHD Videos Collection

Audio Presentations

***Best of the Web – FREE ADDitude Mag Expert Upcoming Webinars.  Presented weekly. 45 to 60 minute Webinars (Include slides) Get on their mailing list and sign up for webinars you’re interested in. Attend in person or you may listen to and view later. FREE for 6 months. Click on these categories: Webinars for parents | Webinars for adults | Webinars on school & learning | Treatment webinars | Webinars on ADHD and other conditions to view older, but still FREE replays. Scroll down to find the replays. Copy and paste;

*ADDitudemag Expert Podcasts and Webinars Archives – Lists Webinars over 6 months old. Watch for $4.95.   Note:  If the link isn’t working, copy and paste this URL.

Webinars from HelpforADHD – The National Resource Center on ADHD: A Program of CHADD –Help4ADHD YouTube ChannelAlso see Webinars and Ask the Experts Archives  (If you get on CHADD’s email list, they will send you notices of upcoming webinars.)

adultADHDbook – Ari Tuckman, Ph.D., the author of More Attention, Less Deficit, recorded podcasts from 2009 through 2014. Find 3 to 30-minute podcasts with nuts-and-bolts strategies from his books. (1,500 downloads!)

Practical ADHD Strategies – Blog Talk Radio show – 15-minute tips or interviews from coach Laura Rolands – 29 Archived sessions

Weekly – 15 to 30 minutes

ADHD Support Talk Radio – Hosted by Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edriss. Interviews with guest Coaches and other experts (15 to 30 minutes long) Five years of episodes archived on BlogTalk radio ADHD Support Talks 

Attention Talk Radio
– 30 minutes – Hosted by Coach Jeff Copper. Covers a number of topics pertinent to the needs of both parents and adults. Archives   – YouTube channel with video clips from 3 to 15 minutes long. See Load next to find each five additional clips. (Many of these are interviews from presenters and attendants at national conferences)

The Miss ADD Show Interview format with coach Justine Ruotolo. Justine sits on the board at CHADD and runs two support groups. Interesting guests with over 50 archived podcasts.

Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast –  Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright strive to help listeners with support, life management strategies, and time.

See in ADHD with coach Jennie Friedman – Personal interviews and life stories from men and women with ADHD – Positive outlook.

Weekly 1 hour

ADHD Rewired (Link works) with coach Eric Tivers – Almost 70 archived, 1-hour shows plus ongoing weekly podcast. Usually, an interview format, although Eric also shares a number of coaching tools, especially Apps and other technology that support executive functioning.

Faster Than Normal Podcast, hosted by Peter Shankman, embraces the concept that having ADD or ADHD is a gift, not a curse.


LD has a great selection of presenters and years of archived material

Adults with ADHD Webinars (ADDA) – $10 each or FREE with Membership ($60 a year)

Occasional – 1 hour – Join their mailing list to get notices

ADD Classes – 1-week free replay – Audio Library – $15 month (Link works)

ADDiva Webinars with Coach Linda Roggli – Aging and Women’s issues (24-hour replay)

Weekly Video program

Crusher TV  – (Link works) Easy-to-use, evidence-based productivity and life hacks with coach Alan Brown ~ founder and host and developer of the ADD Crusher video series.  (30-minute programs)

Try it for $1 – (I think that membership is $5 a month.)



VIDEO Shorts

How to ADHD – (Link works) Jessica McCabe has a great YouTube channel with lots of quick informational videos. (Copy and paste:

How to Know if You have ADHD – 4-minutes

ADHD: What it’s Like to Have ADHD 2-minute clip from a video that brings research interviews with children to (animated) life. Find the film ADHD and Me and research results on ADHD Voices.

Tales of Mere Existence – When everything that can go wrong, does… 3 cartoon shorts from Lev Yaniv

ADHD in the Family
Comedian Jeff Allen on his ADHD kids Very funny! – Christian Comedian Jeff Allen talking about his kids funny (3:20 minutes)


Extensive Collection of  Video Clips and Presentations: From 45 seconds to an hour or more in length.
Topics include: What is ADHD?- ADHD Strategies for Children and Teens – ADHD Songs – ADHD in Adults – Adult Strategies – Presentations with ADHD experts and more.

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