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Radical Acceptance Meets Executive Functions

March 2020

I’m so tired of beating myself up. I also know that I not alone in feeling this shame and self-loathing. Loving yourself is a basic need of the human spirit, but we’re talking about living with ADHD. It gets complicated.


Creative Routines to Fulfill your Goals

January 2020

Choosing goals of inherent value to you. Using your strengths to inspire action and create routines that support your ability to find success.
We also reaffirm the importance of unconditional acceptance.

December 2019 – The value of simplifying the holidays and everyday chores. Discovering your strengths and creating a life that features your best qualities.

ADHD: Advocacy and Social Media: Play Attention 

November 2019

The ADHD brain wants stimulation, challenge, novelty, deadlines, and works best when very interested in a project.  ADHD advocacy is my passion and learning and supporting others are my strengths. Changing worktime to playtime makes all the difference.   Two articles this month from other advocates: a letter for teachers and an analogy for ADHD.

ADHD Awareness Month October 2019

Stigma, misinformation, and fears about ADHD continually flood us with negative messages. There is hope with ADHD. Educate yourself.  Understand that your child WOULD do better if they COULD.   Article and video “ADHD Awareness – What next? – The ADHD Manifesto.

ADHD Mayhem to Self-Control: Self-care and leading with your strengths

September 2019

Our focus this month is the premise that Self-care is the key to better self-control in children, adults and parents affected by ADHD. Identifying and using your strengths is the basis for thriving with ADHD.

Memory and Organization Strategies for ADHD

August 2019

Poor memory and organizational skills are hallmarks of ADHD. Minimize your frustration with these core strategies. Featuring “9 Ways to Get Organized with Minimal Effort” and20 Tools to Enhance your Memory.” 

ADHD: Blessing or curse? Or Somewhere in Between?

July 2019

Left untreated ADHD can have devastating effects over the course of ones’ lifetime. ADHD impacts all of us differently and the strengths we use to cope are uniquely our own.  Rather than focus on remedying areas where you struggle, you need to use those specific tools that get you “in the zone” and help you start each morning feeling motivated and capable.

ADHD: What is YOUR Story? 

June 2019

Featuring “My ADHD Journey: Living with ADHD in Pakistan.” Examining the ways ADHD has impacted your life through questions outlined in this personal story. What steps you have taken to meet your challenges and define your strengths and vision of the future?

My Five Biggest Weaknesses (and How I am Turning them into Strengths) Spring 2019

Do you hate to ask for help? Are doubts about your expertise and life experience holding you back? Reframe your viewpoint. Appreciate what you bring to the table

Manage your Life, House and Home with ADHD

March 2019 Newsletter

Developing systems is the key to organization, housekeeping and good time management.  In this comprehensive article, I have put together a few of my favorite resources to help you find the right tools to adapt to your life.  Pick and choose your own strategies from 9 House and Home Systems for ADHD. Includes three videos.

Pills Don’t Teach Skills

February 2019 Newsletter

We’ve only got one article this month, “How to Make ADHD Work for you“. If you’re struggling to manage your ADHD,  offers a number of great ideas from basic health needs (like Eating, Sleeping, and Moving)  to ADHD hacks that should help.

ADHD: When your Emotions Get in the Way

Jan 2019 Newsletter

  • Why DO we put off until tomorrow what we SHOULD have done yesterday?
  • All too often, our emotions get in the way.
  • We are fearful, worried, ashamed, and procrastinate on projects both large and small.  I mean CONSTANTLY.
  • Learning to control your immediate response is helped by the non-judgmental and positive practice of Self-Regulation.
  • Oversensitive emotions also affect parent and child relationships. We’ve included a video and slides that further expand on the topic.


You are Worthy

December 2018 Newsletter

  • Treatment starts with self-care. – Like eating, and sleeping, and changing your physical environment whether through medication or other choices.
  • Increasing your productivity builds self-esteem and in time, acceptance of your authentic self.
  • Change is inevitable. The difference comes from a place of acceptance and love, or a place of self-dislike and dissatisfaction.
  • New research shows that ADHD has serious repercussions throughout your life.

Making Peace with ADHD: Priorities

November 2018 Newsletter

  • Coming to terms with ADHD in the family.
  • Overcoming grief for what has been lost
  • Moving forward with grace and self-acceptance.
  • Love yourself and one another. You won’t go wrong.

ADHD Awareness Month: The truth as we know it

October 2018 Newsletter

  • Participate in ADHD Awareness
  • Understanding the ADHD brain
  • Diagnosing, Treating, and Managing ADHD
  • Acceptance and Community
  • The Art of Thriving with ADHD

How to Hack your ADHD Brain

September 2018

It’s neuroscience. Create the dopamine environment, and the brain does the rest.

  • 7 Principles of productivity
  • Strategies to build routines that work even when motivation flags.
  • Parenting with ADHD and the impact of time-blindness
  • Videos –  Undiagnosed in Millions, Do You Have it?
  • and To the Teachers of ADHD Students

Understand what Ignites your Energy

August 2018

  • How ADHD presents in adults.
  • Strength-based strategies are so important to controlling ADHD. Do what you love best and accommodate for those areas where you struggle
  •  Adult ADHD: Soft Signs and Related Issues.
  • ADHD Success at College and Work
  • Videos: Dare to Dream and the Learning Brain


ADHD Tips for You and Your Family 

July 2018

  • Address your ADHD symptoms with self-compassion.
  • Learn effective strategies to improve your functioning
  • Understanding the ADHD mind.
  • Learning to parent with empathy without taking your child’s behavior personally.

ADHD Strikes Again! Recovery

June 2018

Don’t be so hard on yourself that you just fall apart and neglect to use your coping strategies.  One aspect of ADHD is that the emotional toll that negative thoughts and repeated failure can severely impact your ability to take risks and initiate tasks.

ADHD Life Newsletter: Redesign

May 2018

Design a life that lifts your spirits without draining all your energy. Explore our site and laugh a little at a short video about how our brains react when we ask them to get to work.

April 2018

ADHD: Acceptance and feeling worthy. Own your story. ADHD is NO ONE’S fault, but once you know about it, it is your RESPONSIBILITY. Why? Because you are WORTH it.

  • You and/or your child deserve to handle everyday life without undue stress and strain.
  • 4 articles and three videos examine the lies we tell ourselves about ADHD.
  • Effective treatment, new strategies and getting support can help us find peace and success.

ADHD: Create your best life, as unique as you are.

March 2018

  • Develop personalized strategies that work WITH your ADHD brain.
  • It’s about accepting yourself and making good decisions based on what you do naturally, without such a struggle.
  • Advocating for your child and learning self-advocacy is a vital part of treatment for ADHD.
  • It is as important to identify your talents and strengths as to know your challenges.
  • Choose the tips on time management, organization, and productivity that work for your needs
  • Two videos inform and advocate for ADHD Awareness.


ADHD in the Family: Peace, Love, and Understanding

February 2018

Understanding the complexity of ADHD and developing strategies for your home and personal life are important steps to coming to accept and deal with challenges.

  • Keeping peace in the family and love alive in your relationship.
  • New perspectives on ADHD.  (Includes short videos)
  • Benefits of music therapy.
  • Decluttering your home and/or office 5-minutes at a time.


Step by Step to Success with ADHD

January 2018

  • Making this your best year yet. (Video with transcript)
  • Why routines are better than resolutions. (Video)
  • 5 Steps to super-simple planning
  • Setting up routines for your household
  • Free” Printables” to create a mail system and launch pad for your house or workplace.
  • Two personal stories for both adults and parents.


Tis the Season: ADHD Style

December 2017

Enjoying a simpler holiday season

  • Developing the practice of gratitude
  • The value of forgiveness
  • ADHD-friendly organizing advice
  • How recent research on the brain is adding to our understanding of ADHD.

In addition, videos and Pinterest Board recommendations offer a banquet of ideas for seasonal overwhelm and friendly strategies for ADHD.


From Discovery to Acceptance – Treatment Strategies for ADHD

November 2017

Pills don’t teach skills:  Living a better life with ADHD

  • The ADHD Journey: From Discovery to Acceptance by Cynthia Hammer
  • Strategies for living a better life with ADHD – Because pills don’t teach skills.
  • Managing Life, House and Home with ADHD
  • Twelve Great Strategies that Help ADHDers Thrive

Video: Cultivating Habits of the Heart


ADHD Awareness: Understanding+Intervention = Change

October 2017

Parents take a front seat this month, but we’ve got a little something for everyone.

  • ADHD Awareness – Where can I learn more? and What does it mean for you?
  • Interventions to help increase performance
  • Being an effective advocate for your child
  • Homework strategies
  • 2 short informative, but fun videos for both children and adults.
  • Resources to find Help and Support, as well as discussing concerns about affordable treatment.


ADHD Life: Beyond a Textbook Understanding

September 2017

Change your perspective and learn to thrive with ADHD.

  • “Think you Understand ADHD – Don’t leave out the best parts!”
  • “5 Ways to Make Parenting ADHD Children Easier”
  • “Organization for Children: Supporting Executive Functions”
  • “ADHD CHOICES: Things I CAN do!”
  • “Working from Home with ADHD”
  • Videos: Another ADHD Song and Parenting Advice


Accepting Life with ADHD: Acceptance and Connection

August 2017

Thrive with ADHD through Self-acceptance

  • How does it feel to have ADHD?
  • ADHD and Shame
  • Unconditional Self-acceptance
  • Know how your brain works
  • Accepting your child’s diagnosis
  • Audio and Video: Using your strengths to fulfill your purpose


ADHD Life – Self-care and organization

July 2017

Self-care and organization tips for you and your family. You’re in this together. (Plus 2 short videos)

  • The Best Advice Ever
  • Self-care Activities you Actually Have Time For + Printable
  • Simple Steps to Staying Organized, an article with a Free Printable
  • On ADHD: Parent to Parent 
  • How I Fixed my ADHD Husband
  • ADHD Medication Rule 2- Reality Denied – Video
  • What’s it Like to Have ADHD – 2-minute animated video 


ADHD Life Essentials

June 2017

ADHD Websites, Medication Rating Scales, Essential reading and Featured articles

  • ADHD Screening Tests
  • Medication Rating Scales
  • ADHD Websites
  • Secrets of the ADHD Brain by William Dodson, M.D.
  • Seven Steps to Get Fit Gradually by Leo Babauta
  • Six Steps to Survive ADHD Overwhelm – Learn to Plan your Day by Sarah Jane Keyser
  • The Brown Model of ADHD

Medication and ADHD Strategies

May 2017

  • For kids, parents or adults with ADHD. Things to know, steps to take and accepting ADHD.
  • Kids ADHD Page – Things to read, do and watch.
  • 10 Medication Fallacies even Doctors Believe
  • Why I Chose to Medicate my Child
  • The pros and cons of medication holidays
  • Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself
  • 16 Steps to Better Self-Esteem with ADHD


 Tools for Discovering your Strengths  – Compiled by Joan Jager

April 2017

  • Tools for self-discovery to better manage ADHD.
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Using your strengths to meet your challenges.

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