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This collection of exclusively ADHD Directories is part of the series: Find Treatment and Support. You may want to start there.

CHADD’s Professional Directory – – For more results and less frustration, don’t use the professional sort, just choose a state. (ADD coaches work over the phone, so leave the state box empty.

ADDA’s Professional Directory For better results and less frustration, just choose a state. (For ADD coaches, however, leave the state box empty.)

Find Hospital and University AD/HD Centers from the National Resource Center for ADHD – Some listing are out of date. – Find professionals, schools, camps, products, services, and support groups. Offers Free listings for support groups and maintains a Calendar of ADHD events. Attractive paid listings, but free listings are also available. (Note: Free listings are very basic and contain no contact information, but Google helped a lot)

Washington State

Washington State ADHD Service Providers

Learning Disability Association of Washington online directory

Other Directories to try

Professional Medical Directories with ADHD Search Options can be a good choice. They all have good geographical searches and may provide a search option for insurance coverage. Most also offer a broad description of the provider’s services. But do your research! Although many providers claim to treat ADHD, far fewer express an interest, let alone a level of expertise.

Professional Medical Directories without an ADHD search option absolutely have the most listings and excellent geographical sort options.

Quick Links:
Find Treatment and Support
Find Support

If you know of any other ADHD Directories and you’ve had good luck with them, please let us know so we can add them to the list.

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