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Join an ADHD group if you can. You're not alone. Take this step to build knowledge and coping skills.

This collection is part of the series: Find Treatment and Support. You may want to start there.

ADHD Support Groups

Join an ADHD support group if you can. Realizing that you’re not alone and that others are facing common challenges is a tremendous step towards building knowledge and coping skills. Change may come slowly, but sharing the journey with others who have been through the ropes can help lift your burden and point the way towards new options.

Many groups also have a list of providers that have been recommended by members over the years. Those attending meetings may share the names of providers they are currently working with. If you cannot find a group nearby, try an online forum or Blog. See the bottom of the page for a few of these.

Ned Hallowell M.D. offers these tips for being a welcome member of a group in ADDitude Magazine’s article, “Your ADD Life.” (Link works)

  • “Save chatter for the right time. Some ADHD support groups schedule casual social periods along with group sharing, while others provide opportunities to mingle only before and after the official meeting.
  • Balance personal disclosures. Observe one or two meetings before jumping in. Sharing too much may make other members uncomfortable – sharing too little can make you seem standoffish.
  • Be supportive. Aim for a three-to-one ratio – three responses to others’ comments for every personal comment you make.”

Find a local Support Group

A search at Google
Try Support, your city, and ADHD (Because groups are often held in nearby suburbs, you might try your whole state instead of a specific city to find nearby groups, for example: your state, adhd & support (maybe include parent or adult)

Try Meetup – Find or start a Meetup group near you “Find Attention Deficit Disorder Groups Near You. Meet other local people dealing with ADD and ADHD. Gather to share your experiences, progress, and thoughts with one another.” Search by country then city. They have groups all over the world. 223 ADD meetup groups worldwide. Thanks to ADHD coach Pete Quily.

ADD Care Meetup Group Meet other local Parents and Caregivers of children with ADD/ADHD. Offer support and share advice with others.

Find Nationwide support groups

CHADD DirectoryCHADD is the national leader in support groups. Current listings of their many groups. Most are for parents, a few are for adults but adults with ADD are welcome at all meetings. Please note: CHADD now offers an Accessibility and Language option that includes text to audio in any language as well as oher features.  Look for it on the top right-hand corner. Pressing the link brings up Recite me, an amazing tool!


Attention Deficit Disorder Association-Southern Region– Texas and neighboring areas – Find their many groups and access knowledgeable volunteers.

Washington State ADHD Support groups  3 Meetup groups for Adults in Seattle and Olympia, 4 Parent groups affiliated with CHADD in Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, University Place, and Silverdale.

Virtual Peer Support groups at ADDA

ADHD Groups listed on Psych Central

Canadian Support groups – Thanks to Pete Quily

International Support groups – Thanks to Pete Quily – Link works. Or copy and paste

United Kingdom ADHD Service map – Find a group

Individual groups

Manhattan Adult Support Group –  Facebook page

Try this Meetup page for another Manhattan group ( Same name, different meetings)

Start your own ADHD Support Group

Can’t find an ADHD support group in your area? – Follow these basic steps to “Start your own support group for ADD adults and/or parents of ADHD children.” – by Michael Sandler –  Link works

Meetup – Find or Start a Meetup group near you – Explore the many tips they offer for facilitators.

Support Group Tips from ADDA – Corrected link to their Support Group Manual by Ari Tuckman

Virtual Support

ADDA Virtual Peer Support – Would you like to meet with other adults with ADHD without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home? ADDA members*  have the opportunity to connect with peers for support in a safe non-judgmental environment 2 evenings a week. 90-minute phone calls every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 pm Eastern time. 5 pm Pacific. (*Membership in ADDA is $50, $20 for students.)

Reach Further – A truly affordable ADHD coaching group offered by Jennie Friedman. Facebook community for accountability, online meetings and shadow coaching available a few times a week. Try the first month for FREE. Just $29 a month thereafter

The ADHD Enclave on Mighty Networks with  Liz Lewis –   Facebook pages too much? Try the Enclave. Basic membership is $20 a month, $200 for the year. Community membership with live small-group sessions includes basic services. It’s $50 a month, $360 per year. Meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. (Afternoon and evening – 5 pm to 8 pm Eastern) timme. FREE trial.

On-line support groups 

If there’s no group meeting nearby, try an online forum or Blog. Here are a few possibilities:

ADD Forums – Very active and long-lasting forum – Wide variety of specific online message boards just for: men with ADD/ADHD; women with ADD/ADHD; teens with ADD/ADHD; parenting issues; non-ADD spouses, partners, and significant others; careers and job impact; relationships and social issues. Additional message boards for those with co-existing conditions such as ADD/ADHD and: substance abuse, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, or autism spectrum disorders.

ADHD group on Reddit

ADDitude Mag Forums



Social Networks/Communities

Facebook has a number of sites dedicated to ADHD. Try a search to find the best ones for you. For a woman’s group, I like:

Some of these groups are open, but many support groups are closed to members only.  No one but you will see posts from those sites on their personal Facebook page.

For women’s groups, I like

For both men and women, you can share your dirty laundry without judgment on

For a more off-the-wall approach, try

For parents, many Facebook pages provide information and posts, with comments being the way their readers interact.

For parents facing very difficult behavior, Surviving the Storm is somewhere you can feel comfortable and get understanding support and advice. Do a search for the three Oppositional Defiant Disorder Facebook support groups and find your favorite.

ADD freeSources has a mix of posts about both children and adults, but is open and not a traditional support group.

Collection of Facebook groups from Our ADHD Story

Yahoo ADHD support groups


See my Pinterest Board below for more ideas.

Let us know if you know of any other active social sites. Thanks.

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