ADHD in Video

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ADHD in VideoVideo Clips and Presentations

ADHD Awareness MinuteIn honor of ADHD Awareness Month, we’re featuring a short video clip from Rick Green of Totally ADD.

What is ADHD? What are the symptoms and What can we do About it? – Introductory Videos – Collection

Tales of Mere Existence – When everything that can go wrong, does… 3 cartoon shorts from Lev Yaniv

Loomis and the Lust (3 minutes) What it is like to cope with ADD on a daily basis, from being at school to going on a date. In the video, the band has tried to visually capture what it feels like, at times, to have ADD. (With a little light-heartedness thrown in)

ADDitude Mag’s YouTube Videos – Mostly for adults with ADHD

ADHD in Adults – Collection of Videos

ADHD Strategies for Adults – Collection

Turn ADD/ADHD Negatives Into Positive Motivation (1 ½ minutes)

Video Presentations by ADHD Experts – Collection – 3-minutes and up. Some are one to three hours long.

TedTalks on ADHD – Collection – 5 to 20 minutes

Must See Videos with a Message – Collection

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