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Bring Understanding of ADHD into the Light: Articles and Videos

Bring understanding of ADHD into the light.



What is ADHD?

7 Facts You Need to Know about ADHD by the ADHD Awareness Month Coalition

ADHD Grows Up: New Perspectives on ADHD Compiled by Joan Jager

What is ADHD? An extensive article from the National Institute of Mental Health – The same article, divided into shorter posts: What is ADHD? 

ADHD Awareness – What’s next? by Jennie Friedman

Adults with ADHD: Success at College and Work by LuAnn Pierce, LCSW

Think you Understand ADHD? Don’t Leave out the Best Parts! by Yafa Luria Crane

Ten Things I Love about People with ADHD by Freya Cheffers

ADHD: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – NIMH Fact Sheet (National Institute of Mental Health)

ADHD Websites – From Starter Information to Comprehensive Coverage – Compiled by Joan Jager

13 Classic Books on ADHD – Compiled by Joan Riley Jager

TDAH – ADHD en Espanol – Compiled by Joan Jager


Diagnosis and Treatment

ADHD Diagnostic Criteria: DSMV

ADHD Screening Tests Compiled by Joan Jager

6 Questions for Recognizing ADHD in Adults

Adult ADHD: Soft Signs and Related Issues by LuAnn Pierce, LCSW

Version of the WHO ADHD Adult Self-Report Scale

Diagnosis and Treatment Concerns: The Ideal versus Reality by Joan Jager

The ADD Journey: Help for the Road Ahead by Cynthia Hammer, MSW

Who can Diagnose ADHD? by Joan Jager

Questions to Ask Before Scheduling an Appointment by Cynthia Hammer

A PHYSICIAN’S PERSPECTIVE on ADHD Medications by Theodore Mandelkorn, MD 

Why I Choose to Medicate my ADHD Child by Diane Dempster

Treatment for ADHD and Addiction by Trey Dyer

Five Ways Dogs Can Help Those with Mental Disorders by Brandon Butler

Children with ADHD

Parent to Parent: What you need to know about ADHD – an open letter from a parent who’s been there,  Alisha Leigh (Pseudonym)

How to Accept your Child’s Diagnosis: Even When it Hurts  by Elizabeth Lewis

7 Tips for the Newly Diagnosed Child by Ann Doyle

On ADHD: Parent to Parent –  3 personal articles sharing their best advice for fellow parents

5 Tips to Make Life Easier for You as an ADHD Parent by Diane Dempster

Parenting the Child with ADHD: Mum, Do you Think I Have a Bleak Future? by Freya Cheffers

ADHD – How it’s Different in Girls by Marj Harrison, MA, Ed.M

Bill of Rights for Children with ADHD by Ruth Harris

Four Things Every Successful Super-Mom (and Dad) Knows – Self-care for better self-control – by Diane Dempster

Organization for Children: Supporting Executive Functions – Strategies for Home and School by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M, ACAC

7 Questions to Help Parents and Children with ADHD Succeed with Homework by Sarah Jane Keyser

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Kids with ADHD by Charles Carpenter

Time Management – It’s a Family Affair – 3 part article by Coach Cindy Goldrich

Why I Choose to Medicate my ADHD Child by Diane Dempster

What to Do When the Medication Wears Off by Diane Dempster

Kids ADHD Page – Things to read, do and watch – Compiled by Joan Jager

Encouraging Self-Advocacy in Teens – by Joan Jager

Getting Rid of the Gremlins – Parents, Silence your Inner Critics by Diane Dempster


ADHD at School

ADHD and Children: What Teachers Need to Know by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ACAC

Increase On-task Performance in Students with ADHD Teachers’ Workshop by Mary Fowler

Casting a Wider Net: Section 504 Revisions  – Intensive review – What  will qualify a student for a 504 plan and what abilities should not disqualify them under the law – by Lisa M. LaVardera, Esq

How can I work with my child’s school?  From NIMH ADHD section (National Institute of Mental Health) What is ADHD? 

8 Tips to Help you be your Child’s Advocate by Mary Fowler

Become an Effective Advocate for Your Child with ADHD – Helpful Articles, Advocacy Training, eBooks, Support, and Websites – Compiled by Joan Jager

Adults with ADHD

ADHD Success at College and Work by LuAnn Pierce, LCSW

5 Lies I Tell Myself about Having ADHD by Liz Lewis

How to Make ADHD Work for you – Pills don’t teach skills: Manage Your ADHD with Behavior Strategies by Tia of Little Miss Lionheart

Against the Wind: How it Feels to be a Women with ADHD by Elizabeth Lewis

My Five Biggest Weaknesses (and How I’m Turning them into Strengths) by Michele Cook

No Hits, No Runs, Many Errors…The ADHD Slump in Adulthood by Marj Harrison, MA, Ed.M.

Adult ADHD: Soft Signs and Related Issues by LuAnn Pierce, LCSW

The ADD Journey: Help for the Road Ahead by Cynthia Hammer, MSW, ACSW

My Emotional Journey with ADHD by Cynthia Hammer, MSW, ACSW

Roller coasters and Eggshells – Emotions and Parent and Child Relations by Lou Brown

Self-Regulation: Controlling your Emotions with ADHD

Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself by Leo Babauta

8-Step Process to Be True to Yourself by Tyler Dahl

My ADHD Journey: Living with ADHD in Pakistan by Haseeb Waqar

Be the Best Version of Yourself: Explore your Strengths by Marla Cummins

Self Advocacy for ADHD: Know yourself – Tools for self-discovery by Joan Jager

ADDulting with ADHD: Avoiding ADHD Life Hack Overwhelm by Lou Brown

Manage your Life, House, and Home with ADHD – 9 tips to build routines by Joan Riley Jager

The Quick Start Guide to a Decluttered Home – Practical and emotional strategies by Leo Babauta

9 Ways to Get Organized with Minimal Effort By Donna Smallin Kuper

18 Five-Minute Decluttering Tips to Start Conquering your Mess by Leo Babauta

ADHD and the Practice of Gratitude by Kari Miller Ph.D.

 7 things about ADHD I wish I had always known by Drew Dakessian

7 + Steps to get Fit Gradually by Leo Babauta

ADHD at Home and Work: 46 Small Steps to Save Time by Sue West

12 Great Strategies that Help ADHers Thrive by Linda Walker

16 Steps to Better Self-Esteem with ADHD by Kari Taylor-Hogan of ADDing to the Mayhem: MOMX3 with ADHD – “We put the fun in dysfunctional.” Helping get the word out about self-esteem.

20 Momentum Strategies to Combat Procrastination by ADHD coach Sue West

How I “Fixed” my ADD Husband by Linda Walker

20 Tools to Enhance your Memory by ADHD coach Marla Cummins

6 Steps to Survive ADHD Overwhelm – Learn to Plan Your Day by Sarah Jane Keyser

ADHD Choices: Things I CAN do! by Happy (aka Megan)

How to Take Action When You’re Not Interested by Marla Cummins

ADHD and Sleep Issues from A to Zzzzz by Linda Walker

Getting Started with the Discipline Habit – Mindfully – Just do it! by Leo Babauta

You’re Not Doing Life Wrong – You’re enough – by Leo Babauta

Treatment for ADHD and Addiction by Trey Dyer

I want to change my ADHD life. What can I do? A series of short articles by Sarah Jane Keyser


Time Management

ADHD at Home and Work: 46 Small Steps to Save Time by Sue West

8 Techniques to Combat Procrastination When you Have ADHD by Marla Cummins

Time Management – It’s a Family Affair! –  by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M, ACAC

20 Momentum Strategies to Combat Procrastination by ADHD coach Sue West

Get Unstuck – Tips for easier Daily Transitions When you have ADHD by Marla Cummins

ADHD and Time: 4 Steps to Getting Places on Time by Marla Cummins



Adults with ADHD: Success at College and Work by LuAnn Pierce, LCSW

Avoiding ADHD Blowups at Work by Linda Walker

Managing Overwhelm at Work by Kari Miller

How to Ask for Accommodations at Work Without Coming Out About ADHD by Linda Walker

Employees with ADHD – Ideas for Accommodations – Job Accommodation Network

6 Tips for Working at Home with ADHD by Sarah Jane Keyser



ADHD Websites – From Starter Information to Comprehensive Coverage – Complied by Joan Jager

Become an Effective Advocate for Your Child with ADHD – Helpful Articles, Advocacy Training, eBooks, Support, and Websites – Compiled by Joan Jager

Kids ADHD Page – Things to read, do and watch – Compiled by Joan Jager

Encouraging Self-Advocacy in Teens – by Joan Jager

TDAH – ADHD en Espanol – Compiled by Joan Jager

Find Treatment and Support for ADHD


ADHD Grows Up: New Perspectives on ADHD Includes a number of videos to clarify. Compiled by Joan Jager

What is ADHD? and Procrastination – How to ADHD YouTube channel with Jessica McCabe. Informative and fun.

ADHD Awareness MinuteIn honor of ADHD Awareness Month, we’re featuring a short video clip from Rick Green of Totally ADD.

Understand Emotions and Motivation in High School Students with Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. (Presentation in 3 parts)

This is How you Treat ADHD based on Science – Russell Barkley, Ph.D. Creating external scaffolding to support Executive Functions – Behavior modification techniques. Specific strategies for time and organization management that work. (13-minute video)

Mere Existence?   When everything that can go wrong, does —  you might as well laugh. Have a little fun with Lev Yaniv’s videos.

Our complete collection of ADHD Videos:

ADHD in Adults – Collection of Videos

ADHD Strategies for Adults – Collection

ADDitude Mag’s YouTube Videos – Short clips, mostly for adults with ADHD

Video Presentations by ADHD Experts – Collection – 3-minutes and up. Some are one to three hours long.

TedTalks on ADHD – Collection – 5 to 20 minutes

Must-See Videos with a Message – Collection

ADHD Life Newsletters

Radical Acceptance Meets Executive Functions March 2020

I’m so tired of beating myself up. I also know that I not alone in feeling this shame and self-loathing. Loving yourself is a basic need of the human spirit, but we’re talking about living with ADHD. It gets complicated.

Creative Routines to Fulfill your Goals January 2020

Choosing goals of inherent value to you. Using your strengths to inspire action and create routines that support your ability to find success. We also reaffirm the importance of unconditional acceptance.

December 2019

The value of simplifying the holidays and everyday chores. Discovering your strengths and creating a life that features your best qualities.

ADHD: Advocacy and Social Media: Play Attention  November 2019

The ADHD brain wants stimulation, challenge, novelty, deadlines, and works best when very interested in a project. Changing my working hours to playtime made all the difference. Online advocacy efforts.  Two articles this month: a letter for teachers and an analogy for ADHD.

ADHD Awareness Month October 2019

Stigma, misinformation, and fears about ADHD continually flood us with negative messages. There is hope with ADHD. Educate yourself.  Understand that your child WOULD do better if they COULD.   Article and video “ADHD Awareness – What next? – The ADHD Manifesto.

ADHD Mayhem to Self-Control  September 2019

Self-care and leading with your strengths

Self-care is the key to better self-control in children, adults, and parents affected by ADHD. Identifying and using your strengths is the basis for thriving with ADHD.

Memory and Organization Strategies for ADHD August 2019

Poor memory and organizational skills are hallmarks of ADHD. Minimize your frustration with these core strategies. Featuring “9 Ways to Get Organized with Minimal Effort” and “20 Tools to Enhance your Memory.” 

ADHD: Blessing or curse? Or Somewhere in Between? July 2019

Left untreated ADHD can have devastating effects over the course of ones’ lifetime. ADHD impacts all of us differently and the strengths we use to cope are uniquely our own.

ADHD: What is YOUR Story?  June 2019

Reflect on your own ADHD story through questions outlined by the author of “My ADHD Journey: Living with ADHD in Pakistan.” What steps you have taken to meet your challenges, define your strengths and purpose for your life?

My Five Biggest Weaknesses (and How I am Turning them into Strengths) Spring 2019

Consider some of your weaknesses, then turn them around to work for you.

Manage your Life, House and Home with ADHD March 2019

Developing systems is the key to organization, housekeeping and good time management.  A comprehensive article with a few of my favorite resources to help you find the right tools to adapt to your life.  Features strategies from 9 House and Home Systems for ADHD. Includes three videos – Make your bed, a commencement speech, Fly Lady routines, and ideas on shopping and getting a meal together from How to ADHD.

Pills Don’t Teach Skills February 2019

If you’re struggling to manage your ADHD, “How to Make ADHD Work for youPills don’t teach skills: Manage Your ADHD with Behavior Strategies” offers a number of great ideas from basic health needs (like Eating, Sleeping, and Moving)  to ADHD hacks that should help.

ADHD: When your Emotions Get in the Way  Jan 2019

Why DO we put off until tomorrow what we SHOULD have done yesterday? We are fearful, worried, ashamed, and procrastinate on projects both large and small.  I mean CONSTANTLY. Learning to control your immediate response is helped by the non-judgmental and positive practice of Self-Regulation. Oversensitive emotions also affect parent and child relationships. We’ve included a video and slides that further expand on the topic.


You are Worthy December 2018

Change is inevitable. The difference comes from a place of acceptance and love, or a place of self-dislike and dissatisfaction. Treatment starts with self-care. With productivity comes self-esteem and in time, acceptance of your authentic self. Note: New research shows that ADHD has serious repercussions throughout the lifespan.

Making Peace with ADHD: Priorities  November 2018

Coming to terms with ADHD in the family. First by overcoming grief for what has been lost and claiming your place among others fighting the same battle. Second, by understanding ADHD, self-acceptance of yourself, learning effective strategies for moving forward with grace and keeping your priorities straight. Video: How to Explain ADHD


ADHD Awareness Month: The truth as we know it October 2018

Online and in-person events to participate in ADHD Awareness. Notes on the latest understanding of how the ADHD brain operates. The importance of coming to accept your ADHD, find community and live in tune with yourself, ADHD and all. Video: The Art of ADHD.

How to Hack your ADHD Brain September 2018

It’s neuroscience. Create the correct dopamine and norepinephrine environment and the brain does the rest. Principles of productivity that work effectively even when motivation flags.  2 videos on being aware of ADHD and the importance of treating the disorder both at school and within the wider community.

Understand what Ignites your Energy  August 2018

How ADHD presents in adults.  Be aware of environments where ADHD symptoms flourish and learn to restrict the most impairing aspects of ADHD.  Strength-based strategies are so important to controlling ADHD.

ADHD Tips for You and Your Family   July 2018

Understand the ADHD mind in children and adults, develop self-compassion, and learn effective strategies to improve functioning. Modeling positive parenting techniques based on empathy, patience and delayed executive functions that affect functioning.

ADHD Strikes Again! Recovery May 2018: Weeks 2, 3 and 4 – Better make that June

Negative thoughts and repeated failures exact a powerful emotional toll on people with ADHD. Learn to cope with Its impact on our ability to handle the challenges of everyday tasks and getting things done.

ADHD Life Newsletter: Redesign May 2018: Week 1

Design a life that lifts your spirits without draining all your energy. Explore our site and laugh a little at a short video about how our brains react when we ask them to get to work.

ADHD: Acceptance and feeling worthy. Own your story. April 2018

Be aware of how ADHD affects you. Know that you are worthy to seek help. ADHD is NO ONE’S fault, but once you know about it, it is your RESPONSIBILITY. Why? Because you are WORTH it

ADHD: Create your best life, as unique as you are. March 2018

It is as important to identify your talents and strengths as to know your challenges. Advocating for your child and learning self-advocacy is a vital part of treatment for ADHD. Develop personalized strategies that work WITH your ADHD brain.

ADHD in the Family: Peace, Love and UnderstandingFebruary 2018

Understanding the complexity of ADHD and developing strategies for your home and personal life are important steps to coming to accept and deal with challenges. ADHD impacts everyone in the family. You need to work together to keep peace in the family and to maintain a comfortable home.

Step by Step to Success with ADHD: January 2018

Learning to cope with ADHD is an ongoing process.  Remember, small changes can make a big difference.  Building habits and routines, planning, and developing household organization strategies are a great start.  Everyone is affected differently by ADHD and needs a  personalized treatment plan.

Tis the Season: ADHD Style: December 2017

Enjoying a less stressful holiday season is a challenge. Simple organizing advice will help you get your house in order, but the practice of gratitude and the value of forgiveness can really help you enjoy your time together with friends and family.  Two fun videos and a report of recent research of the ADHD brain add to our understanding of ADHD.

From Discovery to Acceptance: Strategies for ADHD: November 2017

Finding your way along the winding path of the ADHD Journey isn’t easy, but we have resources for finding treatment and support.  Productivity, planning, and organization tips are everywhere, but the key is creating strategies in line with how the ADHD brain works and that fit your unique needs.

ADHD Awareness: Understanding + Intervention = Positive Change October 2017

October is ADHD Awareness month. With new understanding, you can choose to change your own or a loved one’s life for the better. The choice is yours. The focus is on parents this month, but there’s a little something for everyone.

ADHD Life: Beyond a Textbook Understanding    September 2017

Change your perspective and learn to thrive with ADHD.  Never stop learning and adapting. Lots of help for parents in both written and video formats. The role of Choice in accepting responsibility for your own treatment.

Accepting Life with ADHD: Acceptance and Connection:  August 2017

How does it feel to have ADHD? – ADHD and Shame – Unconditional Self-acceptance – Know how your brain works – Accepting your child’s diagnosis

ADHD Life: July 2017

Self-care and organization tips for you and your family. You’re in this together. (Plus 2 short videos)

ADHD Life Newsletter: June 2017

ADHD Screening tests, Recommended Websites, Medication Rating Scales, Essential reading and Featured articles

ADD freeSources’ Newsletter: May 2017

For kids, parents or adults with ADHD. Things to know, steps to take and accepting ADHD.

 Tools for Discovering your Strengths  April 2017

Tools for self-discovery to better manage ADHD. Advocate for yourself by using your strengths to meet your challenges.  – Compiled by Joan Jager



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