10 Things I Love about People with ADHD

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Every individual expresses their ADHD in different ways. Not all are negative!Guest post by Freya Cheffers of
Never a Dull Moment – Life and ADHD


1. ADHD people are Hilarious! Our conversations are never dull. Our sense of humor comes from a wicked way of looking at the world. We don’t have much of a filter on our thoughts and often blurt out the first thing that pops into our mind, usually completely inappropriate and making those around us laugh out loud.

2. We get over things quickly. If you’re arguing with one of us don’t bother trying to win the argument, just walk away and guaranteed we’ll see something shiny and forget what we were arguing about in the first place.

3. We’re loyal friends and will defend our friends till the end of the earth and fight against injustice brought to them in any way.

4. We are very forgiving. That’s because we do the dumbest shit of all. It’s very easy to forgive when you’re not perfect.

5. We are sooo much fun to party with! It’s almost guaranteed that the first person on the dance floor or up on a table at a party has a bit of ADHD in them! ‘Where DOES she get her ENERGY from?’

6. We are spontaneous risk takers and tend to throw ourselves into things others wouldn’t dream of doing. Once that thought pops into the mind to do that thing there is no stopping that ADHD person from doing that very un-thought out and dangerous thing. (Unless something else shiny catches our eye.)

7. We work really well under pressure! A lot of chefs have ADHD. – Not many people can cope that well with cooking 150 meals in a night while supervisors scream at you to hurry up.

8. We can hyper focus on things that we enjoy. (Much to other’s bemusement when we can’t snap out of a project we are fully immersed in.) We can move mountains with our hyper-focus superpowers!

9. We have creative brains and think outside of the box! So many people with ADHD are musicians, artists, poets, actors, writers, chefs and very successful entrepreneurs who simply cannot work for other people. You won’t find many ADHD people sitting still all day at a desk unless they are hyper-focusing on programming computers.

10. We LOVE LOVE! ADHD people overflow with love. Our hearts are as big as a lion. Our hugs are deep and intense. We are very affectionate and will do anything for our loved ones – give them gifts of flowers, chocolates, money, even sharing cars and our own house. They all mean the same to us. We’re not great at holding back our affections and if you don’t have ADHD and end up with an ADHD lover – enjoy the wild ride!

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About the author: Freya Cheffers lives in Cowaramup, Western Australia. She has a Facebook page where she writes about her family and ADHD. She and her son share the diagnosis. I recommend following her. Find Never a Dull Moment – Life with ADHD here.

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