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ADHD in Adults Videos

Adults with ADHD

By adulthood, ADHD can have a negative impact on major life activities, like financial problems, addiction, anger issues, even overeating… But help is available.

ADHD Awareness Minute – In honor of ADHD Awareness Month, we’re featuring a short video clip from Rick Green of Totally ADD. (3 minutes – Sorry, it took longer than he planned.)

The Adult Symptoms – Totally ADD! Link works (5 minutes)

TotallyADD – (Link works) ALL video site for adults with ADHD – A great place to start! Some pretty good Information and a lot of just plain fun. Quick videos address a number of common concerns of adults with ADD. Blog and ADHD screening tools. They add new material often and also offer FREE webinars that you can view at any time.Rick Green and Dr. Umesh Jain

Pay Attention – ADHD is not Just Me (3-minutes) Frank South tries to explain ADHD but gets distracted in a scene from his “Pay Attention, ADHD in Hollywood, on the Rocks, with a Twist.” Entertainer, comedian, and blogger for ADDitudemag.

ADHD Live: Interview with Russell Barkley, Ph.D. and Ty Pennington – “Up to 2/3rds of children will remain fully diagnosable in adulthood.” (25 minutes)

Intense!!! 7-minute Video “My ADHD” by Spinergy Dude

Sh*t no adult with ADHD says – Tongue in cheek – Read between the lines to see What ADHD IS like (2 ½ minutes)

10 Things Only People With Attention Problems Understand
Don’t worry. It’s only 2 minutes.

The Art of ADD Manifesto “The Art of ADD is not about being normal or fitting it. Its about being ADD and using that medium to create a masterpiece out of your life. We don’t do life the normal way, we do it the ADD way!” (2 1/2 minutes)

Mad at Myself by Wes Bay (3 minutes) – Ever been mad at yourself? Well, it is time to laugh about it. Enjoy!

Touching 5-minute film about the triumphs and challenges of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. “The Attention Movie” was produced by Thrive with ADD to help spread awareness of ADD / ADHD in adults.

My Life with ADHD – Videos about ADD/ADHD and random musings on life from an author, counselor, and coach with ADHD, Stephanie Moulton Sarkis Ph.D.

I have Adult ADHD?! – Tongue in cheek explanation of having ADHD with some pretty good information. Cartoon with some profanity as the narrator runs into some frustrating myths about ADHD while talking to his friend. (4 1/2 minutes)