Participate in ADHD Awareness Month

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Compiled by Joan Jager

October 2020

Learn more, Share information, Celebrate your uniqueness.


  • For beginners, a good place to start is the ADHD Awareness Month website. ADHD Myths and Facts: Know the Difference is hosted by CHADD, ADDA, and ACO ( This site takes an interactive approach inviting contributions from writers and artists as well as contests for video and meme creators. You may also view last years contest winners. Other material includes Webinar Recordings from 2013
  • The ADHD Awareness Expo will take place ONLINE October 1 – October 31, 2020 – They will feature 30 presenters for 15-minute videos. They have chosen their BEST videos sessions from over the past 10 years. Sounds great! Sign up for regular emails.
  • ADDA presents TADD TALKS – (American Deficit Disorder Association) – “TADD Talks are an ADHD-friendly riff on “TED talks.” TED talks are 18-minute presentations on a variety of interesting subjects, TADD recordings are only 9 minutes long (we do have a shorter attention span, you know!) on interesting ADHD topics.”
  •  2020 TADD Talks presented by ADDA. Sign up to receive informative emails as their speaker schedule fills in.
  • Also access the archives for 2018 and 2019 – ALL 31 days of October
  • For longer presentations, Look for Awareness month presentations in Upcoming ADDitude Magazine’s Webinars Sign up for free replay

Information and support throughout the year.

Our page Find Support for help finding local or online support groups as well as online communities. This is just one section of our extensive Find Help and Support resources collection. For smaller groups, see Options to Personal Coaching. Options to Personal Coaching

  •  ADDitudeMag Directory: Events
  • CHADD Affiliate Chapters 
  • ADDA Peer Support Groups – Telephone based – Peer support calls tailored for numerous specific audiences For example; Women over Fifty, Parents of Adult Children with ADHD, LGBT community support, Entrepreneurs, and more. Sessions run for six weeks to eight weeks at a time with various starting dates. Many will repeat quite often throughout the year.



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