Accepting Life with ADHD: August 2017 Newsletter

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Hello there,

August already! Hope you are enjoying the best food and entertainment the season has to offer.  We have a few good resources to enjoy for your summer reading.  Both parents and adults with ADHD should find something of value. This month I’m focusing on how it feels to have ADHD and how self- acceptance and finding new ways to meet the challenges of ADHD can help.

I struggle with feeling worthy, like I am ENOUGH, just as I am. (That I’m doing pretty well. …considering everything…most of the time.)  I suspect that I am not alone in feeling this way.

But, I AM getting better and feeling more comfortable in my own skin.  I’ve been blessed by many people who reassure me, who see and nurture my gifts with love. Support groups, coaches, and group coaching members have been a great help as well.  

As you enjoy the final days of summer, consider this FREE 12-week self-coaching program that ADHD coach Linda Walker is leading again this year.  Short videos introduce each segment with a simple assignment for the week. These help you develop small habits to build routines for accomplishing both daily tasks and larger projects. I had great results following the steps last year. Try it out!

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Thanks for your attention,

Joan Jager


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