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From Discovery to Acceptance: Strategies for ADHD


Hello everyone.

Welcome to November.  ADHD Awareness month may be over, but the 20017 International Conference on ADHD is soon upon us.  CHADD  and ADDA invite you to Connect and Recharge from November  9th through the 12th.

If you have to miss the conference, you can still enjoy ADDA’s podcast archives recorded for ADHD Awareness month.  TADD Talks (Talking about ADD) are like TED Talks, only shorter, with presenters from the conference speaking. Two of my favorites each run about 8 to 10-minutes.

“ADHD Meds – Use Your Brain All Day!” (Copy and paste Dr. John Bailey  and  From shame to compassion: Internal Family Systems and ADHD” with Michel Fitos, AAC


I didn’t discover that I had ADHD until my mid-thirties, but the clues had always been there. At school, I was the noisy space cadet who failed to wait her turn or stand in line.  I struggled in a number of subjects, especially writing and homework. “Fails to meet expectations” was always the first comment on my report cards. College and young adulthood brought additional responsibilities and more opportunities to fail.

With marriage and children, my ability to manage my life effectively was marked by dumb mistakes and last-minute efforts that remained incomplete as often as not. None of my earlier “foibles” had been resolved and managing and maintaining a house while keeping myself on track was beyond my ability. I began to search for answers.

Turns out, I was actually good at finding information. I love research and learning in general and and have become pretty good at collecting resources. Utilizing my strengths helps minimize my ADHD symptoms and allows me to be my best self.  Unfortunately, I was not as adept at putting what I learned into practice. As Russell Barkley says, ADHD is not a matter of not knowing what to do, it’s a matter of NOT doing what you know.” I needed an education in learning how my brain works best, to find the right blend of treatments and develop coping strategies that actually worked for my unique style of ADHD. Everyone must travel their own path from Discovery to Acceptance.  Hope you like what I’ve put together for you this month.


  1. The ADHD Journey: Help for the Road Ahead by Cynthia Hammer (If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste
  2. Strategies for living a better life with ADHD – Because pills don’t teach skills.

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It’s good to connect with all of you,

Joan Jager

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