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May 2018: Week 1

Design a life that lifts your spirits without draining your energy. Welcome to all,

Spring is the time for renewal and growth. Lovely as it is, however, it also means more yard work to keep nature in check. After thirty years of home ownership, I’ve developed a garden that lifts my spirits but doesn’t drain my energy to maintain. I’ve assessed what I like the most and eliminated those chores that were just too much for me anymore. Just as I had to redesign my garden, I need to simplify my newsletter. We should both benefit. I’ll struggle less while writing it and you may actually find the time to read it!

“Authenticity occurs when your actions line up with your values as a person.”Life also unfolds like the seasons – bringing new possibilities for growth. The more realistic you are about your own needs, abilities, and purpose, the more likely it is that you will find success in a new endeavor. To be real also means to be authentic. As our guest author, Tyler Dahl writes, “Authenticity occurs when your actions line up with your values as a person.” In 8-Step Process to Be True to Yourself, Dahl offers a number of ways for you to “be more authentic and let your true self shine.” It’s your turn to “match up your actions with who you are underneath.”

If you’re a Pinterest fan, you’ll find many more articles dealing with being “real” with yourself on the board Lead with your Strengths. For help figuring out how to “work around” your challenges and redesign your life, see ADHD Coaching Strategies.

With ADHD in the picture, knowing as much as possible about how it affects your life is a vital part of this process. Find help for your path forward by exploring our sections on

In the midst of it all, sometimes you just have to laugh at the way our brains operate. I found a 2-minute video from a favorite cartoonist that may feel all too familiar.
“ME VS. MY BRAIN” – “Typical discussion I will have with my brains when I want it to get to work.”

This clip is from Lev Yaniv’s Tales of Mere Existence series. We’ve got a selection of his cartoons on site. See Mere Existence.

Meanwhile, it’s a lovely May morning and a great time to mow the lawn. It just takes me 30-minutes nowadays, but it still needs to be done. A weekly newsletter versus a monthly one has taken a lot less time as well. It hasn’t been effortless, but the process is indeed more in tune with my own style. I may even get it sent out before the week is over!

Take care of yourself and be well,

Joan Jager
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