ADHD: Create your Best Life

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ADHD: Create your Best Life, as Unique as You Are

March 2018 Newsletter


Hello again, and welcome to our new subscribers,

The year is MARCHing by, but I am pleased that I have been able to meet many of my goals so far. I’ve been developing tactics are helping me feel much more in control of my life. I’m also working to hold my head high without shame or jealousy for others accomplishments. I remind myself daily that judging myself for what I WILL NEVER BE only hurts me.  It isn’t easy, but I’ve had a lot of help along the way.  For ME, I’m doing well. I’m learning to accept how ADHD and bipolar disorder affect my world and learn ways that allow me to express myself, live without stress, AND be happy in my work. As the song goes, I did it MY way.” But all of us are uniquely ourselves and must follow our own path to happiness.


ADHD is complex and different for each person. There’s a saying among ADHD professionals, “If you’ve seen one case of ADHD, you’ve seen one case of ADHD.” Although there are similarities of symptoms, no two cases are the same.  In the same vein, there are no simple answers to effectively treating individual cases. Types of medication used and dosages vary according to personal responses.


Another common saying is, “Pills don’t teach skills.” Developing these skills and systems must also be crafted for to meet individual needs. It’s also important to note that ADHD is a chronic condition that can be managed but not cured. A number of non-medical interventions have been found to be useful.


It’s important to remember that successful treatment doesn’t mean you can correct everything that’s affecting your ability to cope. It’s about accepting yourself and making good decisions based on what you do naturally, without the struggle. As ADHD coach David Giwerc says, “Your job is to discover the options that naturally work for you and integrate them into your daily life.”


This month we have something for both parents and adults to develop personalized strategies that Work WITH the ADHD brain. In “The ADHD Brain: Unraveling the secrets of your ADD Nervous System,” William Dodson, M.D. suggests that you write your own rules. The ADHD nervous system is activated by things or tasks that are interesting, challenging, or urgent. Rather than focus on where you fall short, you need to identify how you get into the zone.



I’m honored to have three guest authors who have generously shared their work this month; Lou Brown of Thriving with ADHD, ADHD coach and Organizer Sue Fay West, and Cindy Goldrich from PTS Coaching.


The first article encourages you to accept that not all strategies work for all people. The next few help you identify challenges as well support your novelty seeking ADHD brain by defining and learning to use your personal strengths and interests that inspire you and to create and meet goals that support YOUR values.


Of course, no newsletter on ADHD can ignore the ever prevalent strategies that HAVE proved useful with time management, organization and increasing productivity for some people. We have two articles with ideas for both children and adults. They won’t all work for you, but it’s amazing how the RIGHT changes, even small ones,  can make your life easier.


Just for fun, I’m posting a short cartoon that likens the ADHD brain to a movie director that keeps falling asleep on the set. See the newsletter online for an excellent Rap song, “You Don’t Know”, to promote ADHD Awareness. It’s G rated, so the kids can enjoy this one as well.

 Let Me Be Your Camera – Understanding ADHD and Executive Function What happens on a movie set when the director keeps falling asleep? (2 1/2 minutes)

Continue reading>>> ADHD: Create your best life, as unique as you are.

 Hope you enjoy these choices and find them useful in your lives,

Take care,

Joan Jager




Resources: The ADHD Brain: Unraveling the secrets of your ADD Nervous System

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Modified on Canva


ADHD: Create a life as unique as you are