ADD freeSources – Newsletter – 6/7/2017

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Welcome to summer. I still feel like having more than 16 subscribers is some sort of cosmic joke forcing me to write on a schedule. I’ve decided that instead of getting out a new post, I’d put together a short newsletter with a few things that I hope you find useful. Not sure just which way to go yet, so I am taking my inspiration from a quote by Sam Goldstein, a pioneer in ADHD research and treatment.

So that’s the tone I’ll aim for. Please leave a comment and let me know whether any of this “hits home” for you. I’m hoping for one comment per one hundred subscribers. Maybe then, you’ll seem real to me.

This is what you’ll find today –

  • ADHD Screening Tests
  • Medication Effects Rating Scales 
  • Reputable ADHD websites
  • Secrets of the ADHD Brain by Dr. William Dodson
  • 7-Steps to Get Fit Gradually by Leo Babauta
  • Executive functions as explained by the Brown Model of ADHD
  • 6 Steps to Survive ADHD Overwhelm – Learn to Plan your Day by ADHD coach Sara Jane Keyser



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Take care,

Joan Jager




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