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January 2018 Newsletter


Hello again,

Happy New Year! Or is it?

Hope you’re doing better than I have been. December brought a number of challenges that interfered with key “small habits” that make up my normal routines.  I stopped keeping a food diary, skipped my daily walks, and steadily gained weight.  I skipped group coaching meetings and body double sessions. They provide both support and keep me on track for tasks I find challenging. Planning and scheduling my days was hit or miss. Projects were left undone and worst of all I berated myself for every misstep.  I’m slowly getting back on track, but am once again reminded of how important these hard-won habits have been for keeping me on track and “drama free.”

I also struggle with reflecting on past achievements and failures and making resolutions.  For me, adding habits are much more effective.  I love what Stacey Turis of Tales of an Absent-minded Superhero has to say about making resolutions.

“Resolutions don’t really work on our Tribe

because we’re pretty much on a self-imposed,

self-improvement plan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Like…our resolutions never freaking end.”

When you have ADHD, creating structure, building habits and creating routines are the pathway to success.  One casualty of dropping my routines was this newsletter.  I apologize for being late.

  • Making this your best year yet. (Video with transcript)
  • Why routines are better than resolutions. (Video)
  • 5 Steps to super-simple planning
  • Setting up routines for your household
  • Free” Printables” to create a mail system and launch pad for your house or workplace.
  • Two personal stories for both adults and parents.

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That’s all for now. Hope you find at least one thing new to try. Learning to cope with ADHD is an ongoing process.  Remember, small changes can make a big difference. Take care,

Joan Jager

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