Making Peace with ADHD: Priorities

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November 2018 eNews

Dear readers,

Hope you are well this season. I especially hope that you have avoided the illnesses that have struck my own family this past month. I have been thrown off-balance for over six weeks. First I cared for my mother, then myself, my husband, and finally helped a friend. Yet I was judging myself and feeling ashamed of what I HAD NOT done when I found peace in a note about priorities that I spied in the Doctor’s office.

This month I am also inspired by two articles dealing with grief and acceptance of ADHD:

A recent article by JacIyn Paul outlines specific techniques and tools to help heal and find success with ADHD.  Our video explains ADHD in both in facts and through community metaphors. “How to (Explain) ADHD by Jessica McCabe.

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Take care and be well,

Joan Jager


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