Support Group Leaders – Past and Present

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0 1 The Power of the GroupSupport Group Facilitators

Support group leaders are often the first friendly face that people associated with ADD Resources. Few have taken on the challenge. Yet, many have served for a number of years. Their commitment to the organization and members of their group is evident at every meeting. They must plan for, schedule presenters, and host welcoming and informative events every month.

Keeping the meetings interesting and on track, not allowing people to wander too far off topic and to keep peace amongst a diverse group, is a real art. For years, they also had to store and haul the group’s Lending Library, cartons full of books and audio and video tapes, back and forth to meetings. Facilitators provide new understanding and valuable tools for coping with the challenges of ADHD. Seeing and hearing about the positive results and changes lives of their members is their highest reward. We’re so grateful that they felt the position of leadership important enough to be worth the effort.

Some support will still be available despite ADD Resources’ closing.  Find them here: ADHD Support groups in Washington State.  Get on their mailing lists if you’d like to be kept up-to-date.

Seattle, WA – Adult & Partner groups

Cynthia Seager, MA, LMHCA and Cassady Kintner, LMFTA

Tacoma, WA – Adult

Brandon Rowe and Joan Riley Jager

Olympia, WA – Adult and Parents

 Beth Thompson, Marilyn Duff, Susan Kibbey and Gary Holt)

Bellevue, WA – Parent (Eastside)

Diana Wallace and Jill Murphy

Lake Forest Park, WA – Adult

Frank Shuck

Wenatchee, WA – Adult

Russ Alman



Former Group Facilitators

Nancy Holmes – Seattle

Don Baker, MA – Seattle

Pete Terlaak , CPC – Seattle

Margaret Sutro, MA, LMHC – Seattle

Jayne Carlin – Bellevue Parents

Linda Van Hook-Briganti – Olympia

Kathy Engel – Tacoma Adults

Brandon Koch – Tacoma Adults

Jennifer Jurik – Tacoma Adults

Jill Murphy – Tacoma Parents group

Jupe Johnson – Bellingham

Meg McDonald – Basic Introduction group in Seattle as well as the Lake Forest group

Chris and Anita Norman – Bellingham & Burlington 

Margit Crane – Seattle Parents

Joan Riley Jager – Tacoma Adults

Cynthia Hammer- Tacoma Adults

We also had a Shelton Parents group and one in Portland for about a year each. Unfortunately, I no longer have the names of their leaders.


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