ADHD: Own your story. April 2018 Newsletter

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Be aware of how ADHD affects you. Know that you are worthy to seek help and get the best treatment available.ADHD: Acceptance and feeling worthy.


Good day to you all,

Spring may not have sprung for everyone, but the days are getting longer and MY mood is certainly improving. Hope you’ve had a fine month and are feeling good and in control of your life.

If not, I have a question for you, “How well have you accepted your ADHD? Or that your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder? Do you doubt the diagnosis or feel helpless in the face of the many challenges impacting your personal or family life?

ADHD is NO ONE’S fault, but once you know about it, it is your RESPONSIBILITY. You and/or your child deserve to handle everyday life without undue stress and strain.

Why? Because you are WORTH it.

None of us are NORMAL. It doesn’t exist. All of us are somehow DIFFERENT. An article reporting on a Yale University study claims that all traits exist somewhere along a spectrum. This complicates diagnosing for medical professionals, but the degree of impairment determines whether the criteria for a diagnosis is met. Since an evaluation for ADHD requires that impairment be present in two or more settings, some type of intervention is indicated and could be of great value. Choosing to medicate and/or develop an ADHD friendly environment and a “bag of strategies and tricks” helps to “level the playing field.”  Get to know your strengths, the ways that ADHD impacts your life and learn how to DO something about it!

 This month, 3 authors have contributed 4 articles with lots of ideas to help you and your child. Enjoy these personal stories about coming to realize the necessity of treatment for all of your symptoms, whether it be medication or other interventions. Parents and adults both should find something that can help thrive despite negative effects from ADHD. I’ve also found 4 videos that explore the theme of self-awareness and acceptance of ADHD.

When you believe in your own worth and are willing to seek outside intervention to improve your life, ADHD need not be a barrier to success. You CAN find greater happiness in your life through knowledge, true acceptance of the disorder, and practicing empathy in how we speak to your child or yourself.

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Although lengthy, think of it as an ADHD Readers Digest. Choose what to read or watch according to your own needs.

Take care of yourself and be well,

Joan Jager
ADD freeSources

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