ADHD Songs

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ADHD Symptoms – with Dr. C. Elwood and Friends (45 seconds)

Loomis & The Lust – “A.D.D.” (Official Video) by Will Loomis (3 minutes) More than a catchy song, its about what it is like to cope with ADD on a daily basis, from being at school to going on a date. In the video, the band has tried to visually capture what it feels like, at times, to have ADD. (With a little light-heartedness thrown in)

Another ADHD Song country/Pop style by Josh Anderson. “I thought that I would put it up here for everyone to see. I hope that you like it! This is pretty much how my brain works everyday!

Video Contest
by Totally ADD
And the winner is….
Donna Bland with her ADHD song,
“Get your Kid Diagnosed!”