May Newsletter: Recovery after ADHD Strikes Again!

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Recover emotionally and get back on track after an “ADHD attack.”May Newsletter: Week 2 and 3

ADHD Strikes Again! Recovery


Welcome back readers,

I hope your week has gone better than mine. I have been overwhelmed with the logistics of the changes for how I’m putting out our newsletter now. No matter how hard I tried to work out the technical issues, I was just winding myself up into an emotional paralysis. I have to admit in all the confusion of my frustration, I neglected to utilize my coping strategies! You know in that ‘all too familiar way’ that ADHD may “strike” at the most inconvenient times.

Hopefully, the difficulties with my delivery system for the newsletter have, finally, been resolved. My apologies to those of you that received repeating copies of our last newsletter. As well as, to those of you who may not have, even, received a copy!

Please click through here to enjoy this week’s newsletter.

You will find:

  • Tips on the value of a good apology and recovering when everything goes wrong
  • And we can thank Brandon Butler for an article about the value of dogs for people with mental disorders.

Please, please if you continue to have any trouble with the delivery of the newsletter, do let me know on the Contact Page by simply entering “Repeating“.

Thank you for your patience through these trial-and-tribulations and your assistance if there are continuing issues!

Read the rest of ADHD Strikes Again: Recovery here.


Thank you so much,

Joan Jager

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(My thanks to Dianne Dickinson for her recommendations and help with editing.  I couldn’t have done it without her.