ADHD Coaching Options

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Can’t afford a personal ADHD coach? You have other options!

ADHD Coaching groups and other coaching options, including self-coaching. 

Most ADD Coaching Groups are offered periodically by just a few different coaches. To find them, your best bet may be Google or another search engine.  I do know of a few regular groups. Some are rather expensive but are still less than individual coaching and a few are quite reasonably priced.

ADHD Think Tank – (Facebook link) An affordable ADHD coaching group offered by Jennie Friedman of See in ADHD . Includes a Facebook community for accountability, online meetings on first and third Mondays at 8 pm eastern.  OFFICE HOURS  on Wednesdays 8 pm eastern and body doubling on Thursday morning at11 am eastern. $50 a month! (Sign up now)

The ADHD Enclave – a place for women to meet for support, privacy, and information. A Mighty Network community with Liz Lewis from Healthy ADHD. $20 a month or $50 for LIVE version which includes three weekly small group support meetings on Zoom.

The Untapped Brilliance Club (a free Facebook community for positive and motivated adults with ADHD) New group as of September 2019 offered by coach Jacqueline Sinfield. She also offers a year-long coaching group Essentially Brilliant with video lessons, monthly coaching calls, and body double sessions for $100 a month or $1,000 for the year.

Time to Thrive! with coach Lynne Edris – Get all the resources from the 8-week *Time to Thrive!
*program, PLUS MP3 audio downloads. 3 weekly recordings, 2 with guests, plus downloads on


Coach Marla Cummin’s ADDed Perceptions Mentor Group 2 months for $350.00

ADHD Success Club with Dana Rayburn. $197 a month.  3:30 to 4:30 pm Pacific time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Live and recorded.

ADHD Time Management Intensive from ADD Classes- 4-week virtual classes with Laura Rolands – Program $97 (Can pay $35 x 3) (Link works)


Group coaching Waiting lists

Get it Done with Lynne Edris of Coaching Advantages – Very professional, personalized and well organized – Look for coaching – Group coaching and choose your favorite (I can’t find a price, but I’m enjoying the free program I’m participating in right now (April to May 2020)

Accountability Groups – Coaching with Nikki Kinser – – Get on the waiting list – Fee: $500

ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability group with Eric Tivers – Limited to 12 persons – Meet three times a week for ten weeks on Zoom – Price unknown – Requires an interview to get in and registration is confusing. Some discounts may apply

Virtual Online Group with Coach Rudy Rodriguez, LCSW –  Link works – Date and times to be announced. Meet on Zoom – 90-minutes for 8-weeks. – Slack for accountability. Includes two 30-minute private sessions and email support. Folder and handouts – Limited to 10 members – Check schedule – $450



Self-coaching Questions – FREE PDF

Your Path Forward: Conquer your Adult ADHD one Step at a time – $77 ($97 Canadian) self-coaching video program that provides self-paced small habits to help you build routines that can help you accomplish both daily tasks and larger projects. ADHD coach Linda Walker offered this last year and is renewing it in July of 2017.  – Available in French at Petits Pas, Grande’s Resultats

CreativeGeniusCoaching YouTube channel – FREE – Coach Linda Walker

Change your Habits: ADHD Style – Coach and organizer Sue West – Your road map to managing your days. It’s possible. In small steps. Workbook $19. Kindle is $10

Maximum Productivity Makeover – Six full video modules with training manuals and workbooks. Accountability group page, Weekly emails to keep you on track – Coach Linda Walker – Self Study is $385

Two other self-coaching programs Walker include video, audio, and workbooks.  Thrive! The Natural Approach to Optimal Focus and Effectiveness for Creative Geniuses and Achieve! The Natural System to Take Control of Your Life and Unlock Your Full Potential for Creative Geniuses  $155 each. 

ADD Crusher – A virtual coaching program from Alan Brown. 10 sessions in two Videos with Audio Companion. Four hours of ADD-beating instruction. Plus, PDF Toolkits for each of the strategies (or, Ways), provide “crib notes” to help you put the learning into action. – $96

The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents (Link works) – Available on Kindle for $ 10 – by Nancy Ratey

ADHD Self-coaching: Progress Report (Link works) by Zoe Kessler – 3 months after starting Nancy Ratey’s program outlined in the above book, The Disorganized Mind.

Thrive with ADD Self-Coaching Workshop (Workbook & CD’s) $97 (Link works) – Bonnie Mincu

Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach your Full Potential with Adult ADHD See Amazon for Kindle version (Link works) for $10 – By coach Jacqueline Sinfield – Self-coaching primer written In straightforward language provides practical advice and simple, easy to follow techniques. Order the paperback version from Jacqueline – $15 + $7 shipping from Canada (Book links on Sinfield’s page are disconnected.)

Online classes ADHD Classes

3 Core Series ADHD classes with therapist Don B Baker – Change the way you think about and manage your ADHD wiring. Start with Opening the Suitcase for $45. Discount when you purchase all three.

Parent Coaching

You’ll find a number of options, from Parent coaching groups or individual Parent coaching, blogs. and Facebook groups as well as books, audio and/or video material in our collection of Parent Training Providers.


***Support groups may also provide information, empathy, and help you with strategies that can lead to self-improvement. Find online and in-person ADHD support.