Video Strategies for Adults with ADHD

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Strategies for ADHD in Adults

Not Another To-do List!
– Edge Foundation (3 minutes)

Reality- ADHD in Context
Dr. Charles Parker, author of ADHD Medication Rules proposes that ADHD is NOT 24/7!
Instead, ADHD symptoms interfere shows in specific situations when increased variables and decreased structure leads to an absence of focus.



The Science of Productivity “White-board animate – Video with a few helpful tips that allow you to trick yourself into entering a more productive state of mind. Unlike other productivity tips, these ones are based on science (which makes them both way more interesting and more effective.” (3 Minutes)

ADHD Tips For Staying Focused And On Track (1 ½ minutes) Tips for staying focused and not giving into distractions and wasting time. To put any ADHD-crushing strategy in place successfully, one needs to put it into action so as to begin forming HABITS around that new behavior. Also see: ADD Crusher – Snippets from ADD Crusher’s video coaching tools designed to help develop coping skills. (2 minutes or less taken from 5 minute videos)

From Hyper to Hyper-Focused: ADHD in the Workplace ADHD does not just impact school kids; it’s in the workplace, too. 4 C’c; Coaching, Clarity, Creativity, and Catalyst (11 ½ minutes)

Your Personal Strengths 6 1/2 minutes from Totally One of six sections of their ADHD and Coaching video. Start here.

FlyLady TV – How to Quit Getting Sidetracked Marla Cilley shares her personal story with tips on starting your day off right with self-care and purpose. 6 minutes worth watching.

Procrastination by John Kelly – Animated comic about the meaning of procrastination (4 ½ minutes)