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Video Strategies for Children and Teens

Your “Presence” Parent Coaching Tip from Elaine Taylor-Klaus of ImpactADHD.com – Nothing matters more than honestly “being present” and interacting with your child with loving attention and conversation. (1 1/2 minutes)

ADHD Help: Adventure into the ADD Brain
– Overcoming chaos. Explains why ADHD kids have such a great need for order, routines and control over their environment. From Chaos to Calm (2 1/2 minutes)

Changing “Deviant” Behavior You’ve come a long way baby. Or have we? Video clip created from an “educational” film who’s purpose was to change the behavior of teenage girls who did not meet proper behavior standards of the day. Always running late, being messy or otherwise disorganized and interrupting others is seen as “deviant.” Uses shame as a motivating force for changing those “bad habits.” (2 minutes)

ADHD Help: Positive Discipline the Celebrate ADHD Way Follow through on your promises to withhold a treat for poor behavior! (1.25 minutes)

What Is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy? (PCIT) 1 ½ minute video on this effective style of Parent Training – From the Child Mind Institute. Parents and children together learn techniques to rein in behavior.

Therapy Series from ehow.com

How to Manage ADHD Behavior – 1 ½ minutes – Includes transcript
How to Help a Child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder – 1 ½ minutes- Includes transcript
Teaching Kids Anger Management – 2 minutes with transcript

The Focus Vlog: 5 Tips that Lead to Complete FOCUS and/or the Conquering of ADD/ ADHD (Series of Video Blogs – Student Videos run about 5 minutes each)

How to procrastinate like a Pro (2 minutes) Good for high school or college age

Kids in the House with Edward Hallowell, M.D. – Explaining ADHD to Kids is just one of forty-seven short videos with Hallowell, a specialist in ADHD and other learning differences. Deals with diagnosis, navigating medication and the power of connection. (Note: Must be a member of Kids in the House to access more than 1 video, but membership is free.)

ADHD section on Kids in the House Over 80 short videos from specialists on all aspects of ADHD in children. (As noted above, you must become a member to watch more than 1 – FREE)

Video Contest by Totally ADD – And the winner is….Donna Bland with her ADHD song,
“Get your Kid Diagnosed!”

The ADHD 'Get Your Kid Diagnosed' Song from ADHDAwarenessWeek on Vimeo.