Response to Treatment Rating Scales

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How will you know when you have the right ADHD medication and dosage?


“You can’t notice small improvements or side effects without a monitoring sheet.”  The goal is to find the best results with the fewest side effects. Finding the right medication and dosage is seldom a straightforward process. It usually involves medication trials and may require many adjustments to dial in just the right combination.  The better you keep track of improvements or problems, the more likely to best the best results from treatment. Don’t waste time or suffer needlessly on the incorrect type and/or dosage of medication.

Prescribers may slowly increase the dosage, then back off when side effects begin to interfere. Other times, they will switch to a different type of medication altogether. It will depend on what you have to report. Even if you use supplements like Omega 3 Fatty Acids, how will you know whether they are helping if you don’t record what changes, if any, occur?  For more on the alchemy of prescribing ADHD medication, see ADDitude Magazine’s 10 Medication Fallacies even Doctors Believe.

Dr. Charles and Core Psych have numerous articles and videos on the specifics of different ADHD medications and tracking individual’s response to treatment.  Try the comprehensive and unique book on the subject that is reasonably priced:  New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense.

Pencil-and-paper treatment monitoring system that David Rabiner, Ph.D. developed that can be downloaded for free at

Medication Effects Rating Scales Children and Adolescents or Adults – Record changes observed and any negative side effects   Arlington Center for ADD

Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale – Track your child’s emotional and behavioral response to treatment.

Real-life measures of the effectiveness of ADHD treatment – From “Talking Trash: Targeting ADHD Challenges by Gina Pera

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Other tests include:

Screening Evaluation Forms – Printable – Children and Adults

Online ADHD Tests

Response to Treatment Rating Scales – Children and adults

FREE Professional ADHD Assessment Forms – Children and adults


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