ADHD Challenges, Support and Solutions - Help for all agesJune 7, 2017, Newsletter

  • ADHD Screening Tests
  • Medication Rating Scales
  • ADHD Websites
  • Secrets of the ADHD Brain by William Dodson, M.D.
  • Seven Steps to Get Fit Gradually by Leo Babauta
  • Six Steps to Survive ADHD Overwhelm – Learn to Plan your Day by Sarah Jane Keyser
  • The Brown Model of ADHD

March 30, 2017, Newsletter

  • Kids ADHD Page – Things to read, do and watch. – Compiled by Joan Jager
  • A PHYSICIAN’S PERSPECTIVE on ADHD Medications – Therapeutic Treatment of ADHD  by Theodore Mandelkorn, M.D.
  • 10 Medication Fallacies even Doctors Believe by Gina Pera – ADDitude Mag 
  • Why I Chose to Medicate my Child by Dianne Dempster
  • The pros and cons of medication holidays – AdditudeMag
  • Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself by Leo Babauta
  • 16 Steps to Better Self-Esteem with ADHD by Kari Hogan

 Tools for Discovering your StrengthsMay 21, 2017 – Compiled by Joan Jager