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Tis the Season: ADHD Style

December 2017


  • Enjoying a simpler holiday season,
  • Developing the practice of gratitude,
  • The value of forgiveness,
  • ADHD-friendly organizing advice, and
  • How recent research on the brain is adding to our understanding of ADHD.

In addition, videos and Pinterest Board recommendations offer a banquet of ideas for seasonal overwhelm and friendly strategies for ADHD.


From Discovery to Acceptance – Treatment Strategies for ADHD

November 2017

Pills don’t teach skills:  Living a better life with ADHD

  • The ADHD Journey: From Discovery to Acceptance by Cynthia Hammer
  • Strategies for living a better life with ADHD – Because pills don’t teach skills.
  • Managing Life, House and Home with ADHD
  • Twelve Great Strategies that Help ADHDers Thrive

Video: Cultivating Habits of the Heart


ADHD Awareness: Understanding+Intervention = Change

October 2017

Parents take a front seat this month, but we’ve got a little something for everyone.

  • ADHD Awareness – Where can I learn more? and What does it mean for you?
  • Interventions to help increase performance
  • Being an effective advocate for your child
  • Homework strategies
  • 2 short informative, but fun videos for both children and adults.
  • Resources to find Help and Support, as well as discussing concerns about affordable treatment.


ADHD Life: Beyond a Textbook Understanding

September 2017

Change your perspective and learn to thrive with ADHD.

  • “Think you Understand ADHD – Don’t leave out the best parts!”
  • “5 Ways to Make Parenting ADHD Children Easier”
  • “Organization for Children: Supporting Executive Functions”
  • “ADHD CHOICES: Things I CAN do!”
  • “Working from Home with ADHD”
  • Videos: Another ADHD Song and Parenting Advice


Accepting Life with ADHD: Acceptance and Connection  August 2017  

Thrive with ADHD through Self-acceptance

  • How does it feel to have ADHD?
  • ADHD and Shame
  • Unconditional Self-acceptance
  • Know how your brain works
  • Accepting your child’s diagnosis
  • Audio and Video: Using your strengths to fulfill your purpose


ADHD Life – Self-care and organization  July 2017 

Self-care and organization tips for you and your family. You’re in this together. (Plus 2 short videos)

  • The Best Advice Ever by Katherine McGaver
  • Self-care Activities you Actually Have Time For + Printable by Meagan of Page Flutter
  • Simple Steps to Staying Organized, an article with a Free Printable from Andrea Dekker
  • On ADHD: Parent to Parent by Joan Jager
  • How I Fixed my ADHD Husband by Coach Linda Walker
  • ADHD Medication Rule 2- Reality Denied – Video by Dr. Charles Parker
  • What’s it Like to Have ADHD – 2-minute animated video 


ADHD Life Essentials  June 2017 

ADHD Websites, Medication Rating Scales, Essential reading and Featured articles

  • ADHD Screening Tests
  • Medication Rating Scales
  • ADHD Websites
  • Secrets of the ADHD Brain by William Dodson, M.D.
  • Seven Steps to Get Fit Gradually by Leo Babauta
  • Six Steps to Survive ADHD Overwhelm – Learn to Plan your Day by Sarah Jane Keyser
  • The Brown Model of ADHD

Medication and ADHD Strategies May 2017 

  • For kids, parents or adults with ADHD. Things to know, steps to take and accepting ADHD.
  • Kids ADHD Page – Things to read, do and watch. – Compiled by Joan Jager
  • A PHYSICIAN’S PERSPECTIVE on ADHD Medications – Therapeutic Treatment of ADHD  by Theodore Mandelkorn, M.D.
  • 10 Medication Fallacies even Doctors Believe by Gina Pera – ADDitude Mag 
  • Why I Chose to Medicate my Child by Dianne Dempster
  • The pros and cons of medication holidays – AdditudeMag
  • Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself by Leo Babauta
  • 16 Steps to Better Self-Esteem with ADHD by Kari Hogan


 Tools for Discovering your Strengths April 2017 – Compiled by Joan Jager

Tools for self-discovery to better manage ADHD. Advocate for yourself by using your strengths to meet your challenges.

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