ADHD Coaching Options

Can’t afford a personal ADHD coach? You have other options!

ADHD Coaching groups and other coaching options, including self-coaching. 

Most ADD Coaching Groups are offered periodically by a just a few different coaches. To find them, your best bet may be Google or another search engine.  I do know of a few regular groups.

Coach Marla Cummin’s ADDed Perceptions Mentor Group 3 months for $150.00
The ADHD Success Club with coach Dana Rayburn – $197 a month

Adult ADHD Self-Directed Online Programs – Video based, but with online support. Coach Linda Walker – $155 – It’s hard to find the registration links – Here’s the one for Time Management – Time to Achieve

ADHD Coaching Corner – An informal women’s group led by Elizabeth Lewis with coach Jennie Freidman checking in on Wednesday. Currently just $15 a month, but that’s bound to go up.

Group coaching Waiting lists

ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability group with Eric Tivers – Limited to 12 persons – Meet three times a week on Zoom August 23 – October 27, 201 – Price unknown – Requires an interview to get in and registration is confusing. Save $400 by signing within 3 days of May 4th, 11th, or 18th

Virtual Online Group with Coach Rudy Rodriguez, LCSW – Starts in the Fall of 2017 – Limited to 10 members – Cost unknown

Small group Coaching with Nikki Kinser – Get on the waiting List ( I believe this is $200 a month)

Self-coaching Questions – FREE PDF

Focus to Freedom Blueprint – FREE until May 16th, 2017 – Video coaching – 3 sessions with coach Linda Walker

CreativeGeniusCoaching YouTube channel – FREE – Coach Linda Walker

ADD Crusher – A virtual coaching program from Alan Brown. 10 sessions in two Videos with Audio Companion. Four hours of ADD-beating instruction. Plus, PDF Toolkits for each of the strategies (or, Ways), provide “crib notes” to help you put the learning into action. – $96

The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents – Paperback book by Nancy Ratey – $12.33

ADHD Self-coaching: Progress Report by Zoe Kessler – 3 months after starting Nancy Ratey’s program outlined in the above book, The Disorganized Mind.

Thrive with ADD Self-Coaching Workshop (Workbook & CD’s) $97 – Bonnie Mincu


***Support groups may also provide information, empathy, and help you with strategies that can lead to self-improvement. Find online and in-person ADHD support.

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