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ADHD is a challenge for both individuals and their families. Learning more about the disorder, getting diagnosed and finding effective treatment and support for the process can be a trial. But, by taking on the job step by step, one puzzle piece at a time, it is possible. Here’s some help for along the way. ADD freeSources follows the changing paradigm of ADHD as a chronic and complicated disorder. The site addresses diagnosis, emotional and life management issues as well as the need for personalized strength-based treatment plans.

0 Website headshotCurrently, I manage ADD freeSources on my own. I am  a self-taught amateur compelled to share information that can help others with the disorder. I first suspected that I had ADHD at the age of forty, just after I’d finally graduated from college. Luckily, I found a local adult support group with an extensive lending library of books, videos, and audiotapes and got the help that I needed. Chronic depression from Bipolar disorder took much of my strength, but I started volunteering for the organization I was to work with for 18 years, ADD Resources. I became a board member, later a group leader, an employee for five years, then returned to volunteer again after my retirement on disability.

As a volunteer, I began updating their website and researched credible information to post online.  After I left in 2013, I started a Pinterest page about ADHD using many of the resources I had put together. I love to collect information and commentary for my boards, but some information is best presented in a more orderly format. Thank you for giving me time to get this site together.

Joan Riley Jager

My experience with ADHD.


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    1. joanjager@live.com Post author

      Thank you, Diana. I love finding new authors and fresh information about how ADHD affects the lives of so many. Anything I can do to help is my pleasure. Do you write or have a fresh source for me to follow?


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